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King to Queen Rosary Run

Stay informed about the King to Queen Rosary Run sponsored by St. Mary of Victories on October 7, 2017. Updates will be sent out on this e-mail distribution list. You may un-subscribe at any time.

King to Queen Rosary Run Parish Update

This is a mailing list to update parishes on the King to Queen Rosary Run.

Rosary Run Weekend Update

September 12th 2017

Dear Friends of the Rosary Run, It's hard to believe, but we are only 3 weeks away from the big event! We thank all parishes who have been advertising this regional celebration of faith, family, and fun in your bulletins these last weeks. We've tried not to clutter your inboxes with requests, but we do need to enlist your help in this final run-up to the event. Here's a recap of our plans for the weekend. Friday, October 6 - Raymond de Souza, KM a prominent author and writer will be speaking in the church on "F ...Continue Reading

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This is the announcement / discussion list for the St. Paul Street Evangelization team for St. Louis Downtown South / St. Mary of Victories.

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This is the announcements list for St. Mary of Victories Catholic Church. St. Mary of Victories will use this list to send updates and periodic announcements about liturgies and other events at the Church.

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